Halal Uruguay


The HALAL CERTIFICATION is a declaration emitted by the URUGUAY ISLAMIC CENTER indicating that the product complies with Halal standards and is apt for Muslims to consume anywhere in the world substantiating this through a process of audition and inspection.

The Halal certification is necessary for a great deal of the exportations operation to Muslim countries, that’s why it’s important to have it to avoid operational problems. Each country has its own regulations regarding this matter and the constituents of the URUGUAY ISLAMIC CENTER are experts in this field giving you peace of mind and security for your company.


For more information download the certification procedure (A)

Download the Halal certification application form (B)


For the Islamic Center of Uruguay, as a Halal certifying body, impartiality is a fundamental value

Therefore, it is the policy of the Islamic Center of Uruguay to maintain impartiality in the activities related to Halal certification and those associated with them, developing all conformity assessment activities in an objective, responsible and independent manner.

Personnel hired under the direct control of the Islamic Center of Uruguay and officials of the Islamic Center of Uruguay who perform tasks that may affect the final decision in the processes developed in the Halal certification must:

• be free from financial, commercial or other pressures that may influence the results of the certification process;
• not provide any type of service that compromises impartiality and
• comply with the provisions defined by the Certification Management.

The Islamic Center of Uruguay identifies and analyzes the potential sources of conflicts of interest that may put impartiality at risk to eliminate or minimize them.

The Islamic Center of Uruguay maintains an active Impartiality committee that is made up of members representing various stakeholders in accordance with the requirements of ISO / IEC 17021.

Ali Ahmad
President UIC
September 2017